Terms and Conditions.

  1. Review outline, content, and materials, including but not limited to, handouts, videos, synchronous meeting recordings, techniques, methods, practices, tools, and/or any other soft or hard documents created and distributed are considered proprietary and confidential property of AMEX Review Center and are protected by laws.

  2. You, the “reviewee” agrees to the terms of NON-DISCLOSURE of aforementioned resources and ABIDES by the rule that you do not engage in activities that involve reproduction, recording, distribution, re-posting, and/or replication of these resources.

  3. Live, synchronous lectures are UNRECORDED. AMEX will only record a live lecture provided this has an approval or direction of the tutor.

  4. AMEX Review Center is not responsible for any third-party website/s that the center has linked.

  5. AMEX Review Center is not responsible for any payment made through numbers or data other than the information posted officially by the center. Use and transact only with the provided details given via our official contact platforms.